Specialty Rx Source takes great pride in raising awareness & funds for innovative clinical research that can one day find a cure for pediatric cancer.

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Since 2013, Specialty Rx Source has raised over $150,000 for pediatric cancer foundations via our annual fundraising event in Orlando, FL. Chili Cook Off To CURE.

This is a sizzling fundraising event for all ages!

Over 3000 people attend this event at the end of every January, including: specialty pharmacies, local businesses & residents, and awarding-winning chili cooks. 




Specialty Rx Source is honored to collaborate with Kicking Kids' Cancer, a remarkable non-profit organization dedicated to supporting innovative clinical research with the aim of discovering a cure for childhood cancer within our community. Since their inception in 2013, they have achieved a substantial milestone, raising over $430,000 for this vital cause.

Kicking Kids' Cancer has also formed a valuable partnership with the For Kids' Sake Foundation, an organization committed to increasing awareness and enhancing the lives of children afflicted by neuroblastoma. This partnership combines their financial contributions to research efforts and provides crucial support to families with children who have been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Their deep-rooted expertise and knowledge in this field ensure that every dollar you donate is a direct investment in making a difference in the lives of these children.


Cancer is the Leading Cause of Death in Children Under 15: It's alarming to note that cancer is the primary cause of death due to disease among children under the age of 15. This highlights the critical importance of the work undertaken by Kicking Kids' Cancer.
Limited Medications for Children with Cancer: Over the past two decades, a mere three cancer medications have received specific approval for use in children. This stark statistic underscores the urgency of advancing research and treatment options tailored to pediatric patients.
The Young Age of Cancer Diagnosis: The average age at which a child is diagnosed with cancer is a mere 6 years old. This underscores the need for early detection, research, and improved treatment options, as these children are just beginning their journey through life.
Advanced Stage Diagnosis: Tragically, for 80% of children, cancer has already metastasized to other parts of their bodies by the time it is diagnosed. This highlights the necessity of early detection methods, as well as the importance of funding research that could lead to more effective treatments.
By supporting our Chili Cook Off To CURE, you are supporting Kicking Kids' Cancer and the For Kids Sake Foundation, you're not just donating; you're making a significant impact in the battle against childhood cancer. Your contributions bring us closer to a future where children can live without the specter of cancer, and every child can enjoy a healthier, brighter tomorrow.