Why Employers Should Use a Recruiting Firm with Industry Expertise

Many employers oppose using an outside party to locate qualified candidates. Most think that, for less money, they can post their jobs on their company website and on one of the big career websites and achieve the same result a third-party recruiter will.

In our clients’ experience, that is not necessarily the case, and trying to perform everything in-house, especially in today’s world of everyone wears multiple hats, and trying to juggle 20 or more open positions, failing to use a recruiter can be very counter-productive to an organization’s goals.

Recruiting firms provide much more than a database of candidates. Employers can reap many benefits to using a recruiting firm to help fill its hiring needs:

1. Time and Money – While recruiters are sourcing, screening and presenting qualified candidates, your hiring managers and human resources teams remain productive in their respective primary job functions, which saves your company time and money.

2. Specialization – If the employer chooses a recruiting firm that specializes in its industry, the recruiter working on the assignment can source candidates more efficiently because he/she has knowledge of your industry and its language and job functions, and understands the roles within your company and how the available position fits into the whole.

3. Candidate Reach – While an ad on a job site will gain response mostly from active seekers: recruiters have extensive networks of passive candidates who will learn of your company and its opportunities only through direct contact by a recruiter. This increases the pool of qualified candidates that can be presented to you.

4. Perspective – Recruiters, especially those who are industry-specific, possess a wealth of information about your industry and can provide valuable insight on the organizational structure of your company, its position scopes, and competitive compensation packages.

5. Beyond Sourcing – Once recruiters source and present qualified candidates, their job does not stop there. They remain a valuable intermediate throughout the entire process, managing candidate expectations, collecting and presenting feedback to parties, scheduling phone and face-to-face interviews, negotiating terms, and making every effort to secure a win-win scenario. Also, throughout this process, recruiters will ensure that your organization and its available positions are represented in a proper and appropriate manner.

Partnering with a recruiting firm that matches the needs of your organization is the first step in gaining greater insight to your industry, remaining productive and profitable, and building successful teams within your organization.

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