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2016 Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Vegas on May 2-6

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Specialty Rx Source is looking forward to exhibiting at the 2016 Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Vegas on 5/2-5/6.  This annual event is the largest U.S. healthcare conference for specialty pharmacy. It welcomes thousands of attendees from pharmacy providers, pharma/biotech manufacturers, payers, drug wholesalers and many other specialty pharmacy stakeholder organizations.


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The 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off For a CURE raised over $20,000

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The Extra Mile: Business of the Month, Specialty RX Source

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Orlando has an unemployment rate of roughly 5.5%, the lowest it has been in six years. This is good news for Central Florida residents and particularly in East Orlando where employment has been based on a hodgepodge of academia, tourism and hospitality, military, technology, and service industry related jobs. Along with a better employment environment comes the challenge for job-seekers landing positions in competing industries and employers attracting qualified candidates.

One major industry picking up steam in our local area is in the field of medicine and particularly in the pharmaceutical arena. Thankfully, we are fortunate to have Specialty Rx Source (SRx Source) in East Orlando that provides solutions by matching the job candidate with open clinical and non-clinical positions.

Staffing agencies have been around for many years, but not all are geared to function within a specialty field. SRx Source, founded in 2011, has a proven track record of placing job seekers in positions with some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities in the country, including specialty pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, home infusion pharmacies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.

“We strive to set the standard in the staffing industry with an unwavering commitment to provide our clients and candidates with exceptional service in meeting their needs,” says Jason Turoff, Owner and Managing Partner. “Our recruiting philosophy was developed in response to the specialized need for quality professionals in the specialty pharmacy space with a primary mission to serve the best interests of our candidates and clients.”

With over 15 years in the specialty pharmacy industry, Turoff knows what clients and candidates are seeking from one another. “We know when we have provided great customer service to our clients,” states Turoff. “When we succeed in helping them find qualified candidates that meet their needs in a timely manner. In addition, our clients are very loyal to us, and we have never lost one to our competitors. As for our candidates, communication plays a critical role in identifying, developing, and sustaining long-term relationships. The better a recruiter’s bond with a candidate, the more likely he or she will be able to get quality candidate references, client leads, and industry knowledge.”

Meeting the criteria of one of the three elements for acceptance into The Extra Mile column, SRX Source instills a strong customer service philosophy into its employees on a regular basis. Says Turoff, “Every day we try to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees, clients, candidates, and our community. We have woven into our business operations and decision-making processes an overriding emphasis on honesty, respect, fairness, service and integrity.”

Another crucial element is giving back to and supporting the community and that is exactly what SRX Source does. Last month, the company held its annual Avalon Park Chili Cook-Off for Cancer.


“I enjoy throwing a good party and I love chili,” says Turoff. “But it really started back in 2002, when I was invited to a chili cook off event by my good friend, John Rivers, (owner of 4Rivers Smokehouse). Our team spent the entire day preparing chili for over 1000 attendees, as well as raising money to support the fundraising efforts of the event. I decided that this event could be much bigger and better if the community was involved. Thanks to the support of the Avalon Park Foundation, the Orlando Sports Foundation and the CureBowl, we agreed to work together to make this annual Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) Fundraising event a reality.”

Partnering with the right recruiting and staffing firm is one of the most important decisions any growing company and candidate can make. Specialty Rx Source provides constant quality results with each and every job placement. If you are seeking employment in this field or looking for a qualified candidate, visit www.srxsource.com or call 888-958-1083.


By Johnny Duncan

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Avalon Park Heats up With a Fire in the Park Chili Challenge

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Avalon Park Heats up With a Fire in the Park Chili Challenge

Posted by: Insight Magazine February 12, 2014 in Avalon Park, Community, Latest News

Things are expected to heat up in Avalon Park at the first annual Fire in the Park Chili Challenge taking place Feb. 22.

The new event promises to not only satisfy taste buds with award-winning chili, but to also offer attendees a chance to listen to live bands, compete in cornhole tournaments and participate in a variety of family activities.

Jason Turoff, owner of Specialty Rx Source in Avalon Park, came up with the idea for the event after attending his first cook-off back in 2002 with John Rivers, owner of 4 Rivers Smokehouse.

“When I went to my first cook-off, I just fell in love with it,” Turoff said. “Years later, I started having my own chili cook-offs at home, and they just kept getting bigger. We couldn’t fit over 50 people at my house, and we didn’t want to say no to people so we decided that we wanted to do it bigger and better and do it for a cause.”

All of the proceeds raised at the event will go directly to the Oncology Care Fund, a donation driven effort created to extend cancer treatment options to needy patients and their families.

“I wanted to put on a good community event for a good cause, doing something that I am very familiar with, and something that really tied to my clients,” said Turoff, whose pharmaceutical business deals with oncology medications on a daily basis.

After purchasing a $5 entry wristband, attendees will be able to sample a variety of award-winning chili and act as judges in the cook-off’s Peoples’ Choice category. Tasters will be given a ballot and will decide which chili was their favorite.

“The Peoples’ Choice category can be anything anyone wants,” Turoff said. “It can be meat, beans, corn, you name it. Whatever you want, you can call it chili.”

A more competitive category – the Traditional Chili contest – will rely on the decisions of only 5 – 7 select judges. In this category, submissions must include only meat, sauce and lots of flavor.

There will be eight different competitions throughout the day, including a number of chili tasting contests, a fundraising competition and a hula hoop contest for kids. There will even be a beer and wine garden presented by the Avalon Park Foundation at the event.

Area restaurants will also be competing in Fire in the Park. Both 4 Rivers Smokehouse and Amigos Restaurant in the Waterford Lakes Town Center have confirmed that they will be putting their culinary prowess to the test. Turoff is currently in the process of getting other restaurants to take part in the cook-off.

“To me, it is not about bringing people from all over the state,” Turoff said. “It is about keeping this a community event. I want this to be a local event that brings the community together, and an event that is fun for all ages that is contributing to a great cause.”

For more information on how to become a sponsor, donate or volunteer for this event, visit AvalonParkChiliCookoff.com.

By Courtney Dowling

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Why Employers Should Use a Recruiting Firm with Industry Expertise

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home-31Many employers oppose using an outside party to locate qualified candidates. Most think that, for less money, they can post their jobs on their company website and on one of the big career websites and achieve the same result a third-party recruiter will.

In our clients’ experience, that is not necessarily the case, and trying to perform everything in-house, especially in today’s world of everyone wears multiple hats, and trying to juggle 20 or more open positions, failing to use a recruiter can be very counter-productive to an organization’s goals.

Recruiting firms provide much more than a database of candidates. Employers can reap many benefits to using a recruiting firm to help fill its hiring needs:

1. Time and Money – While recruiters are sourcing, screening and presenting qualified candidates, your hiring managers and human resources teams remain productive in their respective primary job functions, which saves your company time and money.

2. Specialization – If the employer chooses a recruiting firm that specializes in its industry, the recruiter working on the assignment can source candidates more efficiently because he/she has knowledge of your industry and its language and job functions, and understands the roles within your company and how the available position fits into the whole.

3. Candidate Reach – While an ad on a job site will gain response mostly from active seekers: recruiters have extensive networks of passive candidates who will learn of your company and its opportunities only through direct contact by a recruiter. This increases the pool of qualified candidates that can be presented to you.

4. Perspective – Recruiters, especially those who are industry-specific, possess a wealth of information about your industry and can provide valuable insight on the organizational structure of your company, its position scopes, and competitive compensation packages.

5. Beyond Sourcing – Once recruiters source and present qualified candidates, their job does not stop there. They remain a valuable intermediate throughout the entire process, managing candidate expectations, collecting and presenting feedback to parties, scheduling phone and face-to-face interviews, negotiating terms, and making every effort to secure a win-win scenario. Also, throughout this process, recruiters will ensure that your organization and its available positions are represented in a proper and appropriate manner.

Partnering with a recruiting firm that matches the needs of your organization is the first step in gaining greater insight to your industry, remaining productive and profitable, and building successful teams within your organization.

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Questions about Contract Staffing?

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Contract staffing offers an excellent way to meet critical project goals, control costs, increase productivity, and manage risk. While the decision to use contingent staff should never be made lightly, the benefits can be substantial. By partnering with a professional technical staffing firm, you give yourself an easier and faster way to locate technical talent. And you give your business a competitive edge in the market!

Despite the benefits, and according to a recent study by IT Business Edge, bigger companies ($750 million in annual revenue) used contract workers more than other companies (median of 10 percent for larger companies vs. median of 5 percent for others). (http://www.itbusinessedge.com/item/?ci=41609) So why are smaller to mid size companies behind? Consider the following frequently asked questions.

Q. Mid-level programmers on my staff make $70/hour, while contract programmers may cost $100/hour. Why should I hire someone who’s more

A-Look behind the figures, and you’ll find a few faulty assumptions. An employee’s hourly rate is only a fraction of his total expense. Add in payroll taxes, benefits, and administrative costs (which typically range from 30 to 50 percent of salary), and the hourly rate is almost identical.

Then, factor in hiring expenses. First come recruiting costs, such as advertising, assessment testing, and candidate travel. Add to that the productivity lost as project leaders are taken off assignments to manage hiring activities. And finally, consider extraordinary expenses such as the signing bonuses frequently associated with high skill positions.

With contractors, the hourly fee is inclusive. And when the project is done, so is the assignment. There are no termination costs or other expenses. But the greatest value of contract staffing is often the time savings. Time is your most precious asset. Think of the effort it takes to recruit, screen, test, interview, and hire personnel. With contract staffing, your staffing partner handles these activities, while your team stays focused on project work.

Contractors can also reduce project development time. Hiring a contractor is faster than hiring a direct employee. And the time you save increases the probability of meeting your project schedules. In industries where product life cycles are measured in months, reducing time to market is critical.

Q. Contractors are not employees of my company, so how can they get on the same page with my direct staff?

A. Effective leadership is about guiding and motivating people to produce results. Whether those people are direct employees or contract, you’re faced with the same challenge. But since contractors and direct employees are likely to be motivated by different needs and wants, it’s often easier to lead a blended team and satisfy the varying needs of both.

To lead your team, start by practicing open communication. Clearly delineate the roles and value contractors and direct staff bring to the project. Usually, direct employees possess broader management skills and the specific company knowledge needed to manage the project, while contractors provide specialized skills. Cultivate partnerships between these two groups. Such integration fosters personal rapport and encourages team members to learn from one another.

Next, develop management standards. In part, that means making sure financial treatment is equitable. Consider paying direct employees for overtime. Offer bonuses to everyone when tight deadlines are met. And ensure that every member of the project team – contract and direct – has defined and measurable goals. In the case of contract employees, be sure to work with your staffing partner to set goals, provide rewards, and hold contractors accountable for results.

Q. It seems like contract employees are motivated primarily by money. Won’t they leave my project when a more lucrative opportunity comes along?

A. For most contract employees, their primary motivation is not money – it’s a combination of learning new technologies and having job flexibility. They like the independence and challenge that comes from varied assignments. As important, they are able to work as little or as much as they want.

But to enjoy this level of flexibility, they have to be easily employable. And that means they have to be reliable. Competent contract employees recognize this fact, so they make sure their customers are satisfied with their work.

Q. What’s to prevent a contract employee from using our acquired intellectual property for the benefit of another business – maybe even my competitor?

A. The technical staffing industry does not ignore intellectual property rights. Most staffing firms require contract employees to sign a confidentiality agreement – a legal assurance that they will not disclose what you share with them. Contractors working on sensitive government projects may even be required to obtain security clearances.

On a practical level, however, the likelihood of a contract employee “stealing” your intellectual property is quite slim. Usually, contingent staff are placed on assignment because they can provide needed technical expertise. When their piece of the project is finished, they leave. They don’t have time to study project phases and formulate “big picture” implications – even if they wanted to! In the final analysis, your company will probably take away more “intellectual property” from the contract employees than they will get from you. Use their knowledge to its fullest to improve your projects and enhance your staff’s skills.

Q. Contract employees aren’t my employees, so who manages them? Who – if anyone – do they listen to?

A. Contract employees work for your staffing partner, but when they are on assignment at your facilities, they are under your direction. They can and should be included in all project team meetings and process improvement activities.

When distributing important project information, don’t forget your contractors. As stated earlier, you should work with your staffing firm to develop measurable goals for contract employees. Then, make sure they deliver. By ensuring that their progress is managed, contractors won’t feel isolated, and you won’t feel uninformed.

There are some responsibilities that should be left solely to your staffing partner, including pay rate discussions, end of assignment notification, and in rare instances, disciplinary action. A good rule of thumb is; when in doubt, consult with your human resource personnel or your staffing firm.

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10 Tips For A More Professional LinkedIn Profile

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10 Tips For A More Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has grown to be a very prevalent networking tool that offers many recruiters the opportunity to locate the best talent pool for their company or clients. If you are looking for a professional business relationship or a job offer, you can leverage one by creating a more professional LinkedIn profile that will be a stand out. Here are 10 tips on how you can create a more professional profile in LinkedIn that will make it visible to other professionals and business prospects:

1. Create a comprehensive profile

A professional profile is one that provides all the information that others will need to know about you. Make sure that you use key words that help recruiters and employers easily locate you in their search. If you want to sell your LinkedIn profile to your prospect clients, it is essential that you give a complete overview about your personal details, professional skills, sample portfolios, current position, work experiences and similar information. Consider writing a resume on your LinkedIn profile that will sell yourself to other professionals.

2. Write a catchy, professional tag on your LinkedIn profile

While your curriculum vitae will provide others comprehensive information about your professional background, it is essential to LinkedIn display a summary that will immediately give others the opportunity to understand what you are offering them. Your tag line should indicate what services you can offer such as writing under your profile name: Specialty Pharmacy Executive, Pharmacy Operations, Sales Specialist, Web Developer, Oncology Pharmacist or Nurse Educator. This will give others the impression that you are a professional in your field of expertise and will lure them to read more about the extensive information that you provide on your LinkedIn profile.

3. Be honest about your professional information

Executives and human resource officers are always very keen in verifying about the information displayed by the potential candidates to whom they want to offer a job. Providing false information in your LinkedIn profile can hurt your credibility. Lying just to impress potential employers will not do you any good especially when the chance of getting caught is very high. Being honest is a professional virtue that you want to uphold in order to build your professional credibility in LinkedIn and it can be your asset along the process of finding employment.

4. Add a professional profile photo

Employers and other professionals are interested to know the person whom they deal with at a personal perspective. Ignoring to post your photo on your LinkedIn profile is a big mistake that you can make. It is important to attach your own photo to your profile in order to avoid the impression that they are dealing with a faceless persona in LinkedIn.

5. Check your profile for grammatical mistakes

Giving a good impression from the start is your ultimate goal as you display your LinkedIn profile. Poor grammar and typographical mistakes will certainly dump your chance of giving a good impression for a potential employment. Proofreading your profile will help you correct these common mistakes. You should likewise evaluate whether you are able to include the meaty information on your profile that will be your strong leverage in attracting other professionals in LinkedIn.

6. Participate in industry-related LinkedIn groups

If you want to market your LinkedIn profile at a professional level, it is important that you interact with other professionals too. LinkedIn has groups and forums that you can join and participate in a discussion. Being active in your participation in them will make other professionals take notice of your professional profile, which can open for more and better opportunities of getting an offer for employment or business.

7. Highlight the benefits of your experience or services in your profile

It is traditional to provide your professional work experiences in your LinkedIn profile. Sometimes, this is not enough to create a professional impression to others. It is recommended to leverage more on selling not only your work experiences but also to provide the detailed information on what you are able to accomplish in your previous works and how this helped your past clients. Providing evidence on how you are able to accomplish a particular project is a good way to catch the attention of other professionals. Most of the time, employers are more interested in knowing what an applicant can offer them than the tag line they provide as their work expertise.

8. Always send a professional LinkedIn email

LinkedIn requires its members to send an email in order to communicate or connect with other professional users of the site. While you always use the custom email form available on the site, it is recommended to add a personal note in your email communication to connect with others more professionally. Sending them an email once will be enough as it can disturb other professionals when you barrage them with several email requests, giving them the impression that you are not a professional. Pursue only those who respond to your email and leave those who don’t, as it is apparent that they are not interested to your email request.

9. Create professional badge for your LinkedIn profile

The best thing about LinkedIn is that it offers tools that will help its users promote their LinkedIn profile to other venues outside of their site. The LinkedIn badge is one of these tools that can help you promote your professional profile and services to others by creating one for yourself. From your LinkedIn account setting, go to the edit public profile option and click on the profile badge tab to start creating your own design for your professional profile badge.

10. Create a professional LinkedIn profile URL

LinkedIn by default will assign you a profile URL consisting of alphanumeric characters. You can always customize your profile URL from the setting by going to the edit public profile tab and then go to customize your public profile URL. Change the alphanumeric characters with your name in order to make it look more professional.

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The Greatest Misconception about Recruiters

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As a job seeker, you’ve probably been heard more than once to contact a recruiter to assist you in finding a job. In fact, I’ve even advised individuals to submit their resumes to employment agencies that specialize within their industries when they first begin their job search.

Now while it’s true that recruiters help individuals find jobs, therein lies the biggest misconception about recruiters and the role they play within your job search. Having worked as a recruiter, I know from first hand experience just how valuable recruiters can be when helping individuals find employment.

Working with recruiters can: Lead to increased response rates from hiring managers; expose you to opportunities you may have otherwise missed; or even expose you to opportunities you may not have considered.

However, the job of a recruiter is, and always will be, to find suitable candidates for the opportunities that they’ve been hired to fill and never the other way around. Simply put, while the objective of a jobseeker is to find a job, the objective of a recruiter is to find the right candidate for an exact job.

Note that these are two very different objectives, and the very reason why I’ve always said that while recruiters can assist you on your job search, never allow yourself to be mistaken into thinking that they will completely takeover your job search and find a job on your behalf. That of course still is, and forever will be, your job.

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New Agreement Between Amerinet and Armada Health Care to Provide Vital New Resources to Members

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December 03, 2012

Armada Health Care (Armada), the largest specialty pharmacy group purchasing and channel management organization, and Amerinet, Inc. (Amerinet), a leading national healthcare solutions organization, today announced an exclusive three-year co-marketing agreement. As part of this new co-marketing agreement, each of the two organizations will provide the other’s membership with select contracted products and services.

“We consider the new partnership with Amerinet a landmark opportunity for the membership of both organizations,” said Lawrence Irene, Armada CEO. Irene added, “It creates mutual value that will translate beyond savings for member organizations and directly benefit our pharmaceutical partners and, most importantly, the patients.”

The Armada member network includes more than 1,000 corporate members which represent over 25,000 pharmacy locations that dispense specialty medications. They include nearly every national, regional and local specialty pharmacy provider, specialty infusion providers, specialty mail order, national retail and supermarket chains and other specialized alternate care providers.

Armada will provide eligible Amerinet members with access to its comprehensive contract portfolio of specialty pharmaceutical products and unique services on specialty pharmaceuticals. Armada will also provide Amerinet members with technology solutions, network access, limited distribution products and many other specialty pharmacy services.

“This new partnership will leverage the unique synergies provided by Armada and Amerinet that, when combined, will directly benefit our respective members’ organizations and contracted vendor partners,” said Todd Ebert, Amerinet president and CEO.

Amerinet will provide Armada members with the industry’s most cost effective and comprehensive contract portfolio of medical surgical and other non-pharmaceutical products. Amerinet also offers select Armada members who are able to fill certain limited medications a new source for referrals for specialty patients and prescriptions through the expanded Armada Specialty Pharmacy Network.

Amerinet members may be eligible to access one-of-a-kind manufacturer sponsored programs that generate unique financial benefits as well as access to enhanced patient services, such as patient assistance programs.

About Amerinet As a leading national healthcare solutions organization, Amerinet collaborates with acute and non-acute care providers to create and deliver unique solutions through performance improvement resources, guidance and ongoing support. With better product standardization and utilization, new financial tools beyond contracting and alliances that help lower costs, raise revenue and champion quality, Amerinet enriches healthcare delivery for its members and the communities they serve. To learn more about how Amerinet can help you successfully navigate the future of healthcare reform, visit http://www.amerinet-gpo.com.

About Armada: Armada Health Care, LLC (Armada) is the industry’s largest specialty pharmacy group purchasing and contracting organization. Armada provides comprehensive and cost effective access to the nation’s $100 billion specialty pharmacy industry. Armada offers pharmacy providers, manufacturers, health plans and wholesale distributors a total channel management solution through customized patient programs, prescription-data-management services, online platforms and unique purchasing agreements on specialty pharmacy products. To learn more about Armada Health Care, please visit http://www.armadahealthcare.com.

Contact:    Evan Danis Director, Communications and Media
724-778-3423 evan(dot)danis(at)amerinet-gpo(dot)com

Darcey Brennan Vice President of Marketing 973-564-8004

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Three Reasons Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Hire Talent

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Here’s why the holidays are a great time to hire talent:

How To Get A Holiday Job

1. Networking opportunities are in full bloom. During the holidays, you are bound to attend a networking event or two or perhaps your spouse is dragging you to yet another holiday party. You’re going to be there, so you may as well make the best of it. Try to find out ahead of time who will be attending the event and see if the host is willing to make an introduction on your behalf. Say hello to the people you’d like to meet and then ask for permission to call them next week to discuss a business matter.

2. Better access to candidates. It’s easier for candidates to slip out the back door without others noticing during the holiday season. Most will assume this person is sneaking out the door to do some Christmas shopping. It’s also not uncommon to come to work dressed in more formal garb, especially since many attend holiday functions that begin right after work. This allows job hunters to come to work dressed as they would for an interview, which makes it easier for you to convince them to come by for an interview.

3. Less competition. Companies tend to focus more on tying up lose ends during the month of December and to many that means finalizing their hiring plans, instead of putting them into action. Smart employers recognize this is the perfect opportunity to get a jump-start on the competition. If you know what you are looking for, then stop planning and go out and get these people.

Case Study: Taking Action and Getting Results:

Here’s a recent case study (and a true story) about a CEO who was having an extremely difficult time finding technical sales people with industry specific experience. This CEO had placed his job openings with a number of highly regarded placement agencies, but was still unable to find the people he needed. At lunch, just prior to Thanksgiving, he shared his frustration with me. I told him about one of my clients who had flown across the country to have dinner with a candidate he knew he had to have. It was at that moment, that he realized that he knew exactly whom he wanted to hire and these people all knew him. In spite of the fact that it wasn’t exactly the best time to try and convince people to leave their organizations to come work for him, that’s exactly what he did. And you know what? Within a few weeks’ time, he was fully staffed.

So this holiday season, give yourself permission to do whatever is necessary over the next month to bring in the talent that you need. This will guarantee you’ll be starting off the New Year fully staffed and ready to do business.


Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertamatuson/2012/11/26/three-reasons-why-the-holidays-are-a-great-time-to-hire-talent/

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