10 Tips For A More Professional LinkedIn Profile

10 Tips For A More Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has grown to be a very prevalent networking tool that offers many recruiters the opportunity to locate the best talent pool for their company or clients. If you are looking for a professional business relationship or a job offer, you can leverage one by creating a more professional LinkedIn profile that will be a stand out. Here are 10 tips on how you can create a more professional profile in LinkedIn that will make it visible to other professionals and business prospects:

1. Create a comprehensive profile

A professional profile is one that provides all the information that others will need to know about you. Make sure that you use key words that help recruiters and employers easily locate you in their search. If you want to sell your LinkedIn profile to your prospect clients, it is essential that you give a complete overview about your personal details, professional skills, sample portfolios, current position, work experiences and similar information. Consider writing a resume on your LinkedIn profile that will sell yourself to other professionals.

2. Write a catchy, professional tag on your LinkedIn profile

While your curriculum vitae will provide others comprehensive information about your professional background, it is essential to LinkedIn display a summary that will immediately give others the opportunity to understand what you are offering them. Your tag line should indicate what services you can offer such as writing under your profile name: Specialty Pharmacy Executive, Pharmacy Operations, Sales Specialist, Web Developer, Oncology Pharmacist or Nurse Educator. This will give others the impression that you are a professional in your field of expertise and will lure them to read more about the extensive information that you provide on your LinkedIn profile.

3. Be honest about your professional information

Executives and human resource officers are always very keen in verifying about the information displayed by the potential candidates to whom they want to offer a job. Providing false information in your LinkedIn profile can hurt your credibility. Lying just to impress potential employers will not do you any good especially when the chance of getting caught is very high. Being honest is a professional virtue that you want to uphold in order to build your professional credibility in LinkedIn and it can be your asset along the process of finding employment.

4. Add a professional profile photo

Employers and other professionals are interested to know the person whom they deal with at a personal perspective. Ignoring to post your photo on your LinkedIn profile is a big mistake that you can make. It is important to attach your own photo to your profile in order to avoid the impression that they are dealing with a faceless persona in LinkedIn.

5. Check your profile for grammatical mistakes

Giving a good impression from the start is your ultimate goal as you display your LinkedIn profile. Poor grammar and typographical mistakes will certainly dump your chance of giving a good impression for a potential employment. Proofreading your profile will help you correct these common mistakes. You should likewise evaluate whether you are able to include the meaty information on your profile that will be your strong leverage in attracting other professionals in LinkedIn.

6. Participate in industry-related LinkedIn groups

If you want to market your LinkedIn profile at a professional level, it is important that you interact with other professionals too. LinkedIn has groups and forums that you can join and participate in a discussion. Being active in your participation in them will make other professionals take notice of your professional profile, which can open for more and better opportunities of getting an offer for employment or business.

7. Highlight the benefits of your experience or services in your profile

It is traditional to provide your professional work experiences in your LinkedIn profile. Sometimes, this is not enough to create a professional impression to others. It is recommended to leverage more on selling not only your work experiences but also to provide the detailed information on what you are able to accomplish in your previous works and how this helped your past clients. Providing evidence on how you are able to accomplish a particular project is a good way to catch the attention of other professionals. Most of the time, employers are more interested in knowing what an applicant can offer them than the tag line they provide as their work expertise.

8. Always send a professional LinkedIn email

LinkedIn requires its members to send an email in order to communicate or connect with other professional users of the site. While you always use the custom email form available on the site, it is recommended to add a personal note in your email communication to connect with others more professionally. Sending them an email once will be enough as it can disturb other professionals when you barrage them with several email requests, giving them the impression that you are not a professional. Pursue only those who respond to your email and leave those who don’t, as it is apparent that they are not interested to your email request.

9. Create professional badge for your LinkedIn profile

The best thing about LinkedIn is that it offers tools that will help its users promote their LinkedIn profile to other venues outside of their site. The LinkedIn badge is one of these tools that can help you promote your professional profile and services to others by creating one for yourself. From your LinkedIn account setting, go to the edit public profile option and click on the profile badge tab to start creating your own design for your professional profile badge.

10. Create a professional LinkedIn profile URL

LinkedIn by default will assign you a profile URL consisting of alphanumeric characters. You can always customize your profile URL from the setting by going to the edit public profile tab and then go to customize your public profile URL. Change the alphanumeric characters with your name in order to make it look more professional.

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